Oceania Pacific Specialists is an Inbound Tour Operator specialized in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji attending the wholesale market. Our focus is to make your clients feel safe and well-cared while experiencing the very best that the South Pacific destinations have to offer.
Offering high quality services allied with competitive prices, we intend not only to capture but to value the trust of our clients and suppliers. 

Our team will follow up your request with dedication and professionalism, creating packages and offering services in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, always aiming to fully meet and satisfy the different expectations of each passenger. 

Through our experience, we are well aware of the unexpected factor associated to any and all overseas travel, for this reason our multilingual 24-hour customer service is compromised to attend and assist our clients in mult in case the unpredicted happens during their trip.


To be recognized as an inbound tour operator capable of demonstrating through its trademark all the security, knowledge and professionalism expected of a specialist in the destinations it operates. 


To promote cultural exchange between countries in a sustainable manner, prioritizing the responsibility and professionalism in the area it operates, in addition to service costumization, making each client feel secure and truly satisfied while experiencing what our destinations in the South Pacific have to offer.


To be an inbound tour operator specialized in destinations such as Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and be recognized in the international tourism market through the generated repercussion given to the credibility behind our trademark, that makes itself due to the wide quality and customization of our services, always accompanying the development and new requirements of the market. 


Honesty, transparency and professional ethics with clients and suppliers, valuing the human factor that allows the improvement and expantion of the offered services.  

Developed by André Feijó