Oceania Pacific Specialists works with a small select group of countries. We chose these countries as they are beautiful destinations for travel and offer a stability and level of security not found in many countries today. The destinations we work with also offer a fantastic element of contrasts: in Australia for example where the options are limitless you can ride a camel in the desert one day and the next day be skiing in snow or relaxing on a beautiful tropical island! Or you can choose to combine two or even three of our destinations ? perhaps a week in Australia, Fiji and New Zealand to have a wonderful mixture of culture, scenery and nature. We also deal with courses of all kinds so if you or someone in your family would like to do a course of any kind ? we can also assist with orientation not only for the course but of the cities this course is offered in around Australia or New Zealand. Our qualified staff are ready to assist you with all the information and support you need to help make your experience the perfect one for you or your clients! Safe and happy travels! 

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