Oceania Pacific Specialists offer a diversity of educational programs in Australia and New Zealand.

Besides the option to study English in those two countries, your clients can also choose from other programs such as the IELTS preparatory, Technical Diploma Courses, as well as Under Graduate and Post Graduate programs. 

We’ll take care of everything from the assistance in the choice of a course to the reservation of accommodations in homestay or student residences.

Educational System in Australia

The excellence of the Australian educational system has led universities and other educational institutions to work side-by-side with the government in order to establish rigorous procedures to ensure both local and international students with high quality study, controlled by official regulatory organs such as CRICOS and NSEAS, as well as the ESOS Act, responsibility of the Department of Australian Education.

By picking Australia as the destination of choice, students will have unlimited access to information and knowledge, as well as have contact to over 200 different cultures all for being a multicultural country (an interesting fact for those wishing to expand their international network).

All states and territories offer both an excellent touristic and educational infrastructure (with educational institutions of the highest level), with hotel chains and resorts of great quality, unique sceneries and an incomparable quality of life, making Australia, apart from other reasons, a fascinating country.

Educational System in New Zealand

By choosing New Zealand as their destination the students will have access to technology and high quality study in schools and universities well-known for their safety and receptivity, in addition to have contact to an incredible cultural diversity that the country itself has to offer.

With high quality study focused on research and the development of the labor market, New Zealand receives students from all around the world with the intention to enhance their academic, cultural and social knowledge in an innovated educational system.

Through its official controlling organs, New Zealand is concerned about offering an excellent educational level, aiming to improve the methods of study and the infrastructures of its schools and universities. The New Zealand Quality Assured Qualifications (NZQA) assures that all international students have access to research tools and the most modern learning methods in the world, leading to a real professional and academic growth.

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